We would love to have you as our guest. Please call 509-374-3966 for reservations.

There are three private bedrooms, each with its own queen or king sized bed that will give you the ultimate in comfort.  In each bedroom, guests can watch their own TV or play movies on their own DVD player.  Each room has a full closet and dresser for your use.  Click on the rooms to get a view of their interior:  Blue Mountain Suite     Dogwood Suite    North Suite

Master Suite with the king-sized bed. The ultimate in comfort.

Blue Mountain Suite

This room features the king size bed!  Roomy enough for six :)…but comfortably sleeps two.  Next to the full bath.  Ultimate in sleeping comfort…guests have told us they want to buy that bed! When we have groups, the ones who draw the long straw get this room…or sometimes it is just the first ones to arrive!  Actually all our bedrooms are very comfortable.

Dogwood Suite

The Dogwood Suite is next to the full bathroom and has a queen sized bed.  Like all the rooms it has a TV and is a nice room to retreat to for a nap or when you want to get away from the gang in one of the living rooms.  Like all rooms the log bed brings out our ‘cabiny’ theme.  It has lots of closet space and drawer space so you can unpack and feel like you are at home!



North Suite

The North Suite also has a queen-sized log bed that gives you the best night sleep ever (that’s what our guests say)!  This room has a TV mounted on the wall that allows you to watch your own Netflix movies in the privacy of your room.  Being located right next to the half bath adds to its convenience.  This room, like the others, has plenty of closet space and drawers for you to make yourself  ‘at home’  by unpacking everything.

We would love to have you as our guest. Please call 509-374-3966 for reservations.